This website is a work in progress. Please don’t mind the dust while we set things up and work out the kinks.

The Owners


Leader of the group, Jamey is KrimzonKnightGaming, and streams Actual Plays/Live Playthroughs of games on Twitch. He is also the host of Quantifiably Certifiable, and voices Alec Weston in Life With Thalia. He lives in Illinois, and is currently taking classes in radio. He enjoys computer games and writing.


The Mother Hen, Teddi seems to run a lot of the behind the scenes work in QDP. A front-end Web Designer, she did most of the legwork with the appearance of the site. She develops and edits a fair amount of, and writes many of the shows. She enjoys writing, Web design, and other creative endeavors like drawing and computer graphics/art.

The Team


We are still finding a serious place for our friend from across the pond. Currently, he voices various side characters, and joins Jamey on Quantifiably Certifiable. He likes to play computer games, write, work with computer models, and spend time with his son.


She is Alec’s sister, Thalia Weston, from Life with Thalia. She likes to write and hang out with her friends, as well as play the piano, violin, and ukulele.


Co-Host of Quantifiably Certifiable is married to The Mother Hen. He also runs the servers and helps out with the Web design. He enjoys just about anything related to computers.